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  • CELTIC DIVING - WANDRIN' STAR DIVE CHARTERS, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK - Hard Boat Charter.


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    There are some fantastic dive sites on the west Wales coast, we are not limited to wreck diving, but it is is our speciality and we have plenty of shipwrecks here off Pembrokeshire to choose from: HMS Whirlwind, The Sutton, The Herefordshire, Gramsbergen, Baron Carnegie, SS West Quechee, Empire Panther, Calburga, Vendome, Dan Beard, Musgrave, Nimrod, Count D'Aspremont, Whitehaven and the Lucy to name a few. There is also plenty of other diving including; reefs, walls, canyons, drop offs, drifts, offshore islands. The marine wildife in Pembrokeshire is incredible and you will encounter many of the varied species that inhabit our waters: dolphins, seals, conger eel, wrasse, pollack, dogfish, butterfish, greater pipefish, mackerel, crustaceans, edible crab, common hermit crab, velvet swimming crab, spiny spider crab, common lobster, crayfish, spiny squat lobster, common prawn, sea fans, common anemones, dead mans fingers, common jellyfish, common sea squirts, lightbulb sea squirts, common starfish, common sun star, bristle stars, common sea cucumbers, edible sea urchins, great scallop, sea hare, common cuttlefish, common octupus, sponges...

    Here you can read about what we have been up to over the years, mainly written by the words of others...

    NIMROD Wreck Tour 173 (Diver Magazine May 2013) - John Liddiard

    JOHN LIDDIARD turns his attention to a really old wreck, a paddle-steamer that lies in two halves off south-west Wales. The wheel is a tricky optional extra!


    INSHORE FISHGUARD FEATURE (Diver Magazine March 2013) - John Liddiard

    As all UK divers know, 2012 was a wash-out in terms of weather.

    Call him a wild optimist, but JOHN LIDDIARD challenged the elements to allow him to explore unsung wrecks off west Wales in August...


    Mark on the Dan Beard

    WHITEHAVEN - Wreck Tour 160 Diver Magazine - John Liddiard

    Paddle-tug - BUILT 1875, SUNK 1879 - 232-ton - On 21 May, 1879, the Whitehaven was on passage from Liverpool to King Road, at the mouth of the River Avon in the Bristol Channel. Captain James Hodgson and his crew of 10 had 12 passengers on board. The sea was calm but it was foggy when, heading down Ramsey Sound, Captain Hodgson’s attention was called to a ripple sea some 150m ahead. Although aware of the danger of Horse Rock, Hodgson took no avoiding action, thinking the ripple to be part of the tidal race at the end of the sound. At 10am the Whitehaven struck, then continued with the tide to sink off Porth Clais.

    The wreck lies along a gully with the boiler tipped on end.

    Published in Diver March 2012



    COUNT D'ASPREMONT- Wreck Tour 154 Diver Magazine - John Liddiard

    This schooner-rigged steamship was the victim of a storm in 1903. In a Force 8 gale from the south-south-west, perhaps Captain Wood was taking the tricky route through Ramsey Sound to get some shelter from the sea. Horse Rock is difficult to spot at the best of times. The crew came safely ashore in their own boat. Four hours later, the flood tide carried the Count D’Aspremont off the rock, and she sank 300m to the north.

    Published in Diver October 2011

    Count D'Aspremont

    Smalls Feature "Big Trip to The Smalls " - John Liddiard
    Published in Diver magazine July 2011

    Click here to see our Smalls in Diver Magazine !

    For some excellent visibility and an incredible variety of species, twenty miles out to sea, west of Skomer Island lie The Smalls.

    The Smalls are famous for the marine life, including a large colony of seals. Visibility can be up to 25 metres.

    There are a number of shipwrecks here but these are fairly well broken up and eclipsed by the fantastastic topography and underwater life that can be observed.

    The Smalls are also a great spot for seeing pods of dolphins and catching tasty mackerel !

    Weather conditions and tides have to be correct - we can only dive this site on certain dates please discuss with us prior to booking




    HMS WHIRLWIND - Wreck Tour 139 Diver magazine - John Liddiard

    The jewel in the crown - Best shipwreck in Wales let alone Pembrokeshire !

    Site at 36 mts, on the Aberporth missile target range. She lies on her port side, fairly intact and identifiable about 100 mts long - covered in Dead Mans Fingers, lots of life, a fantastic wreck dive. There are places to penetrate; the forward section and battle bridge... Awesome !

    Published in Diver August 2010

    HMS Whirlwind

    "Best of the West" - Martin Bruce

    An atmospheric cave, the wreck of a liberty ship, spidercrabs and the chance to encounter seals...a snapshot of Pembrokeshire !

    Published in Sport Diver July 2010

    "Second Time Lucky" - John Liddiard

    Four frustrating wreck-dives off south-west Wales leave John Liddiard wanting to set the record straight - but will things be better for him this time round ?

    Not if he wears that outfit !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------->

    Published in Diver June 2010

    John in Smalls

    Emotionally Charged
    - Martin Bruce


    We took Martin out to the Smalls with both Wandrin' Star and JanHazel. The site of the Camrose was the target, but the reef life and topography eclipsed the wreckage.

    Meanwhile topside we caught mackerel, observed thousands of diving gannets, seals and quite a number of dolphin.

    Published in Sport Diver January 2010.


    JH on the Smalls

    Open Water Diver - Filmed by Tom Hughes

    A jolly look at learning to dive with Celtic Diving !

    The Wrecks of Cardigan Bay
    - John Liddiard


    Featuring HMS Whirlwind, The Sutton and The Herefordshire

    Appeared in DIVER December 2009

    Mark on Sutton

    The Musgrave - Wreck Tour 123

    Words & Pictures by John Liddiard - Appeared in DIVER April 2009


    The Dive Files

    Words by Emma Evans Pictures by Mark & Cathy Deane

    Appeared in SPORT DIVER January 2009



    Celtic Diving

    A Turn Around Bell Rock


    Words & Pictures by John Liddiard - Appeared in DIVER July 2008


    John Liddiard

    CUUEG video shot on the wreck of the Gramsbergen

    This club are regulars of ours and this is a taste of what they get up to !

    Cambridge University Underwater Exploration Group

    Baron Carnegie - Wreck Tour 112


    Words & Pictures by John Liddiard - Appeared in DIVER May 2008


    Baron Carnegie

    UW clean-up video

    Annually we support Neptunes Army of Rubbish Cleaners, these intrepid divers are all volunteers that make it their mission to clean up our waters !

    Neptunes Army of Rubbish Cleaners - In Action !

    At Ease With Plan B's


    Words & Pictures by John Liddiard - Appeared in DIVER December 2007


    Legends in Their Own Lunchbox or The Pride of Pembrokeshire


    Words & Pictures by John Liddiard - Appeared in DIVER March 2007


    THE VENDOME - Wreck Tour 82

    Words & Pictures by John Liddiard - Appeared in DIVER December 2005

    Vendome lies broken at the foot of the reef at Tri Maen-trai, right up against the rocks. On an echo-sounder, it's hard to tell the two apart, so on a wreck this size the shot could land anywhere.


    The 10th International Atlantic Challenge


    Mark Deane, Activity Wales Magazine 2005 - Bantry Bay gig competition...

    Atlantic Challenge

    The Intertidal


    Mark Deane; Coast to Coast Magazine 2005 - Where the land meets the sea...

    Intertidal Survey

    Dive North Pembrokeshire


    John Liddiard; Diver Magazine 2004 - The best laid plans and all that...


    The Dolphin Coast


    Mark Deane; Activity Wales 2004 - Eco tourism and conservation in our area...


    Scuba Diving in The Blue Lagoon


    Mark Deane; Activity Wales 2003 - An account of a try out dive at the quarry near Abereiddy...

    Blue Lagoon
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