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CELTIC DIVING - WANDRIN' STAR DIVE CHARTERS, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK - Hard Boat Charter.

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NEW FOR 2015: HEMATITE AND DOUGLAS - Click here for info


Pembrokeshire has 'thousands' of undiscovered wrecks

A lifelong diver believes there are thousands of undiscovered sunken vessels off the Pembrokeshire coast. James Hedley Phillips has found more than 30 of roughly 3,000 known wrecks, including a 15th Century trading ship and a coal freighter. But he says he has barely scratched the surface of what lies on the seabed. During a career which began in 1968, Mr Phillips has dived off North Carolina, Florida, Israel, Corfu, France and Sri Lanka but says he is yet to find anywhere to compare with the unforgiving seas in west Wales.

"Pembrokeshire has always been infamous for the variety of its sea and wind patterns, so in previous centuries sail ships were utterly at the mercy of the elements. But when you add in dangerous rocks... then even modern vessels are vulnerable to a combination of features which you don't quite find anywhere else in the world."

He has now detailed some of his more extraordinary finds in his first book:
Pembrokeshire Trilogy, Tales of the Sea.


16 Oct 2014, 21:00

Brand new series. In this new series, architectural designer Charlie Luxton embarks on a nationwide journey to visit some of Britain's best homes by the sea and find out what makes the perfect coastal property. From renovated cottages to brand new builds, converted lighthouses and grand seafront terraces, Charlie explores the remarkable variety of styles and architecture that shape our coastal towns and villages. In the first episode, Charlie travels to south-west Wales to visit some fantastic homes built on the rugged and breathtaking Pembrokeshire coast. He explores a space-age home, known locally as the Tellytubby house, built into the cliffs of St Bride's Bay, and offers design advice to a couple undertaking a massive renovation project overlooking picturesque Fishguard harbour. Charlie also travels to the ancient town of Newport, sailing up the River Nevern to unlock the secrets of an amazing waterside property, before heading into town to an ancient castle that's also a cosy period cottage.

AUGUST   Autumn Update 2014

We had a great day out on the Star with the True North TV production team and presenter /architectural designer Charlie Luxton.

They are filming a new series for More 4 specialising in coastal properties and chose our part of the country for one of the episodes. Looking forward to seeing the broadcast !



The Celtic Challenge 2014

Wandrin' Star was support vessel for Dyffryn and "The Dream Team" - Aberporth Rowing Club

The Celtic Challenge is the worlds longest true rowing race and its across the Irish sea overnight !!!

Dyffryn was first in class and fourth boat home - Great row we are proud to be a part of this !

For more on this infamous race check out: The Celtic Challenge 2014

MARCH   Spring Update 2014


We have spent a long winter and a fortune on renovating Ty Newydd "The New House". Converted up to a very high standard for great value, comfortable divers accommodation. Just take a look at the pictures !

After a day out on the most spacious and seaworthy boat on the coast you can retire to Ty Newydd for a relaxing evening and a great nights sleep.

We will continue improving the facilities, now the weather is is more appropriate we can get started on the garden !!!


Clean, Green Air For Diving !

We have invested in a 4Kw solar system which will power our high pressure compressor and provide even cleaner prime, Pembrokeshire breathing air for divers !

The system was designed and installed by Ian and Nick of Preseli Solar; two very professional and knowledgeable individuals.

From start to finish this took just 2 days to complete and very smug we are too !





We are sure no one needs reminding that:

Gas and Electric prices - UP
Fuel prices - UP
Council Tax - UP
Food prices - UP

The list goes on and on - BUT the good news is that although all these prices are going up and up, our prices have stayed down.

How can we still offer the same great value dive packages we did three years ago ?

Simples ! We have cut our overheads, looked for more competitive suppliers, delegated less, used social media to advertise, saved wherever we can without compromising safety or quality and taken nothing for ourselves to stay in business. We have not passed on expenses to our customers, we have taken the hit and Mark has worked elsewhere to meet our liabilities.

We hope that you will appreciate this and keep coming diving with us, so the North Pembrokeshire coast remains open for divers. 
Plenty of dates still available for this year - But filling up fast !


CELTIC DIVING - WANDRIN' STAR DIVE CHARTERS, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK - Hard Boat Charter.