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CELTIC DIVING - WANDRIN' STAR DIVE CHARTERS, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK - Hard Boat Charter.

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Dive Boat Charters

NOVEMBER Winter Update 2013


We are sure no one needs reminding that:

Gas and Electric prices - UP
Fuel prices - UP
Council Tax - UP
Food prices - UP

The list goes on and on - BUT the good news is that although all these prices are going up and up, our prices have stayed down.

How can we still offer the same great value dive packages we did three years ago ?

Simples ! We have cut our overheads, looked for more competitive suppliers, delegated less, used social media to advertise, saved wherever we can without compromising safety or quality and taken nothing for ourselves to stay in business. We have not passed on expenses to our customers, we have taken the hit and Mark has worked elsewhere to meet our liabilities.

We hope that you will appreciate this and keep coming diving with us, so the North Pembrokeshire coast remains open for divers. 
Plenty of dates still available for 2014 - But filling up fast !

Halcyon Days 2013

Wandrin' Star crew and divers unload and load at Porth Gain and Porth Clais for extended range of operations, notice the still and gin clear waters...


OCTOBER End of Season Update 2013


Last year we participated in a multibeam survey off the Pembrokeshire coast with SEACAMS. Together with Bangor University and the vessel Prince Madog we found some very interesting and previously undived marks.

Throughout this year we have been diving a wreck we now know to be the Moyallon and we have pinpointed a reliable slack water every 12 hours.

The Moyallon was a cargo ship that sank in 1924. She now lies upright in 40 mts, in very good condition complete with a huge prop and undisturbed artifacts.

We have decided to open this wreck up to groups diving with us who are of course qualified and experienced to dive to this depth.

The Moyallon

AUGUST Autumn Update 2013

NEW FOR 2014 !
We have been able to secure very tidy, comfortable self catering overnight accommodation at St. Nicholas in twin rooms. There is a large fully equipped kitchen, lounge with sea views, off road parking and garden with barbeque area. St. Nicholas is very convenient for Goodwick, Porth Gain and St Davids.

Very tidy, comfortable self catering overnight accommodation is provided at St. Nicholas in twin rooms, there is a large fully equipped kitchen, lounge with sea views, off road parking and garden with barbeque area. St. Nicholas is very convenient for Goodwick, Porth Gain and St Davids.

The weekend package fee for boat charter and s/c overnight accommodation for up to 12 persons is £ 900.- per day/ night (min Sat & Sun)
This can work out as little as £ 150.- for a weekend of diving with 2 nights accommodation per person.

Midweek packages are based on a minimum of either 3 week days: Tues, Wed, Thurs up to five days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri.
£ 720.- boat charter and s/c overnight accommodation for up to 12 persons per day/ night.
This can work out as little as £ 180.- for 3 days diving and 3 nights accommodation per person.

Alternatively you can make up our minimum number of 8 persons for the hardboat at £ 60.- each for the day and accommodation at £ 30.- each per night - we reserve the right to fill the 4 extra places available and determine appropriate dive sites based on the divers qualifications and experience.

The Rectory


Keep up to date with our goings on, offers and last minute places by liking: FACEBOOK/DIVE.CHARTERS

Please feel free to download the posters/ flyers on these links: Flyer1 and Flyer 2
They are very useful to display or distribute to help drum up interest.



Fishguard Breakwater and Pen Anglas July 21st
Another sunny morning departure from Fishguard with 10 volunteers eager to get stuck in on day 2 of our trip to North Pembs. After a fantastic dive on the wreck of the vendome as a thanks to all the recent hard work we split buddy teams to cover two sites. Three pairs went in on the Breakwater and two pairs on the ledges near Pen Anglas. We spread out ...to cover different, previously unexplored parts of the breakwater, two of which didn’t really throw up much in the way of marine litter. We always take this as a positive. The third spot however left us with an appetite to return next year. 51 weights, 80 hooks, 2 rod pieces, 3 plastic bottles, 2 glass bottles, cans and bit of plastic were bagged. We also filled half a sack of angling line which remains in the underwater environment for decades. 2 lots lobster pots were also retrieved releasing 4 trapped spider crabs. Pen Anglas proved a bit tricker with localised strong currents bringing one dive to an end after 9 minutes and the other buddy pair getting stung by jellyfish. Even with the very challenging conditions 19 weights, 25 hooks, line and a beer can were collected. We are determined to give Pen Anglas another go next year, hopefully without raging currents and Jellyfish! We were also happy to pass on the lobster pots to a local fisherman who will repair and recycle them for use again.

Strumble Head July 20th
9 volunteers boarded Wandrin Star for a sun filled day of clean-up diving in North Pembrokeshire. Our planned dive off Strumble Head ledges had to be changed due to the strong tide making it too risky to enter the water there. On our last visit to North Pembs a local fisherman told us he had lost a string of pots in a storm just South of the lighthouse so we decided to try and locate them and lessen the potential impact of ghost fishing. Some pretty good team work that involved search patterns and even Mark the skipper donning a dry suit and scuba to help, left us with 7 lobster pots and metres of rope on deck. A great team effort from 25 metres down.




MAY Summer Update 2013

NIMROD Wreck Tour 173 (Diver Magazine May 2013) - John Liddiard

JOHN LIDDIARD turns his attention to a really old wreck, a paddle-steamer that lies in two halves off south-west Wales. The wheel is a tricky optional extra !



May Bank Holiday weekend - First charter of the season

Water temp 8 deg C

4th - overcast, W 4/5 - Salus viz 2m, Slate Wreck viz 3m

5th - cloudy/ sunny, SW 4 - HMS Whirlwind viz 5m

6th - sunny, SW 3 - Calburga Viz 4m, Dan Beard viz 4-5m



Back in Business

Yesterday we put Wandrin' Star back in the water at Neyland, they were over an hour late getting us lifted in plus we were held up by an LNG tanker at South Hook. We had to stand off and wait until they were past Thorn Island before we could proceed, i am very glad that i dont have to put up with that kind of thing at Fishguard !

Well anyway we missed the best of the flood tide and after St Brides Bay had to punch our way back home, creeping up Ramsey sound at 3 knots.

But the weather was kind and it was a glorious day, PLUS the water clarity was improving the further north we travelled and it was looking superb between Strumble Head and Fishguard although the temperature was reading a chilly 8 deg C !

Wandrin Star

MARCH Spring Update 2013

INSHORE FISHGUARD FEATURE (Diver Magazine March 2013) - John Liddiard

As all UK divers know, 2012 was a wash-out in terms of weather.

Call him a wild optimist, but JOHN LIDDIARD challenged the elements to allow him to explore unsung wrecks off west Wales in August...

Mark on the Dan Beard

Cardiff BSAC make a tidy sidescan survey of some Pembrokeshire shipwrecks:


Well we are slowly getting there between weather windows !

Oil cooler refurbished
Bilges cleaned and painted
Hull keyed and ready to antifoul
Engine serviced
Interior decks sanded

Hull getting keyed.



Time to start the maintenance and get ready for the new diving season !

Wandrin' Star will need to be antifouled and serviced.

We are also cleaning and painting the bilges, lovely !


Mark in full bilge kit !


CELTIC DIVING - WANDRIN' STAR DIVE CHARTERS, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK - Hard Boat Charter.