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Here are a few reviews from some of our clients...

Paul - DM SCUBA Scene

Thankyou for a great weekend everyone seemed to enjoy it I was very impressed with the setup you have and it suits me very well as you have the dive charters and accommodation all together.

The accommodation was perfect and the tea coffee and cereal was the perfect touch.
I will be putting forward later on in the year when we have a meeting on next years trips and will want to visit you again if I can generate enough interest I am going to try and maybe push in a trip late September early October. 

Thankyou again you were the perfect host.



Rach - SCUBA Scene

Hi Mark,
We have just returned from a weekend with you and would just like to say a massive thank you; we had a fantastic time, thought you were a fantastic skipper, very knowledgeable, experienced diver and all-round pleasure to be with. The cottage was lovely and we all had a really great weekend; Thanks, Rach A,n the rest of the Scuba Scene bunch.

Midge - SCUBA Scene

Hi mark , Just a quick line to thank you so much for the most fab weekend , we had a ball !!! I know the viz wasn't great but you went to great lengths to to get us the best you could and it paid off !! It must be a very difficult task to Tailor a weekend to a group of very mixed abilities and again you did a great job and stayed very patient . For myself and Rach A it was our first uk sea dives and even though the conditions weren't great we are both itching to get back in !!!! So glad you persuaded me to do that last dive , really topped off the weekend !! Thanks so much once again for everything and look forward to seeing you again really soon I hope . Take care mate Midge

Kevin DO - Bradford BSAC
I would just like to say a big thank you from everyone on the trip last weekend.
We couldnt have asked for a better introduction to diving around Pembrokeshire the weather was excellent but more to the point we think that your service was outsanding and Celtic Diving will be highly reccomended  by me and everyone who was on the trip .
We will most certainly be back next year .
Once the sea diving is more or less over for this year probably around the start of november we usually begin planning next years uk trips and i will probably look at doing a longer 3 day weekend possibly august bank holiday if you still have availabilty for then if not we will sort something out.
Once again thanks for an excellent weekend which was thoroughly enjoyed by all , also say a big thanks to Bob from us all .
Best Regards Kevin

Andy - Boston Sub Aqua Club - Wandrin' Star Charter

Hello Mark & Bob.

Just a quick line to thank you for a great week, everyone enjoyed it, I know I certainly did. With a great boat and fantastic crew, and great company it was bound to be a success.

Please keep in touch with any trip information etc. I would be more than happy to arrange another trip in the future. Best of luck.

Kindest regards. Andy.

Simon - Chairman - B&BWSAC - Wandrin' Star Charter

Hi Mark,
I have included the trip report that I gave to my club. As usual the trip was fantastic,and you pulled out all the stops for us, plus I'm sure there will be more of us visiting you next year.The weather stopped us doing some of the dive sites we wanted to do, so a very good excuss to see you next year!...Thank You from all of us at BBSAC, what a great time we all had....
See you at the Dive Show in October!
Give my best to your wife, and the others.....
Kind Regards,

Hi All,

I would like to thank everyone who attended the trip for making it such a memorable one! What a fantastic time we all had, even though the weather was not at its best. We had wind all week, and at times we had sea conditions around force 3- 4 / 5-6.  The Wandrin' Star has great sea keeping qualities. Mark Deane the skipper bent over backwards for us, and even stayed on his boat overnight twice in different areas. The dive sites were completely different every time! The wrecks like HMS Whirlwind and the Lucy were fantastic with lots of marine life and visibility around 8 meters. There were also great reefs, wall dives down to 40m; and lots of gullies to swim in and out of. James Clark has filmed over 3 hrs worth of footage and will be editing this for us all to see - Look out for the Conger eel that tapped him on the shoulder, then put it's head in the camera shot. Amazing creatures!

Everyone dived very well, and safety was on top of the agenda. For the deeper dives we had a 12 litre cylinder attached to a 6m line with a buoy to be deployed in emergencies, for back up as some members were carrying out decompression procedures. Craig and James were blending their own gas for Nitrox mixes for accelerated decompression, which made this trip a real expedition. This trip is one of my UK favourites! and makes me want to go back again and again.The advice I would like to give to members wanting to do this type of trip is work hard with your training, use the pool for skills reviews & places like Wraysbury and Stoney Cove for buoyancy & trim work; because you will need to be dived up, and fit to dive with depth progression to 35m with the right kit for this type of diving.
This trip was challenging at times, but the rewards definitely made it worth it!
UK Diving at its best!

Jeremy - MSD - Dive Central - Wandrin' Star Charter

Dear Mark

Many thanks for a very enjoyable weekend's diving. Wandrin' Star is a good solid boat with more room than most, and that really helped.

Diving highlight for me was the last dive, on Dan Beard. I thought photo-luminescent jellies were deep water dwellers, but there they were ! And surfacing in the cavern to find a sleeping seal was magical. She(?) looked as happy to see us as I am when the wife rousts me out of bed in the morning, so I don't blame her for sliding off her rock after a while and scooting off.

Keep up the good work! I enjoyed the company of yourself, Bob (and his Bovril !), your assistance and briefings. Cathy was very pleasant and efficient on the phone at 15:50 on Friday, when as the advance guard I had only made it as far as the end of the M4.

Best regards

Mark - Diving Officer - CUUEG - Wandrin' Star Charter

Hi Mark and all at Celtic Diving,

Many thanks once again for giving us such a great time over the weekend. Fantastic place to stay, good weather, great diving, fresh mackerel on the barbie, and a few cold beers.... what more could anyone want!

Good luck for the rest of your season, and hope to see you all again next year.

Best wishes

All at CUUEG

(....attached a couple of photos... nice one of the best dive boat in the UK, but the sleeping accommodation could be improved, even though Bob seems happy enough!)

Wandrin' Star CUUEG

Steve - Diving Officer - Neath Marlins - Wandrin' Star Charter

Hi Mark,

Just a quick note to say thanks for an excellent week-end. 15 divers and 30 dives over the 2 days - everyone really enjoyed themselves and want to know when we will do it again.

Thanks also to Stacey and Paul for helping people through the days. We just need to work out how many deck chairs we can get on the club RIBS....

Best wishes.


Wendy - BSAC Sport Diver - NDSAC - Wandrin' Star Charter

Dear Mark

Thank you for giving us such a good introduction to diving in Wales. The octopus and cetaceans were highlights of the season's diving for me. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it too and are keen to come back next year, so before I had unpacked from this weekend's trip I had sent out an email about the proposed week next May/June 2010. I am sure there will be plenty of interest what with club members who couldn't make it this year and those who would like to go again.

Finally, especial thanks to you and Bob for being so accommodating in giving us such an early start and finish on Sunday to enable us to get back to Dorset at a reasonable hour.

 With thanks and all best wishes.

Simon - BSAC Dive Leader - BBDC - Wandrin' Star Charter

Hi Mark, and all at Celtic Diving,

A very big thanks to you all, You have made this trip number one in my books. You bent over backwards for us and your boat handling skills with Wandrin' Star was excellent due to the type of vessel she is. As i come from a boating background and saw how you dealt with each situation with complete professionalism, i had no doubt with your capabilities in looking after us. Your dive sites are unique, due to everyone of them being completely different. That's why i love UK diving. I certainly want to go back to The Smalls,  Lucy,

HMS Whirlwind, and some of your other sites. I know you have made our diving officer Gary a very happy diver being able to dive the Smalls, He has been trying for 20 yrs. I do hope you hang in there because i would like to come back next year if possible to have some more great experiences. I don't think i will have trouble gathering up some more divers for this one.

Well Done Mark. 

On Behalf of all of us at Bushey & Borehamwood Sub Aqua Club, A Big Thanks.  

Gary - Diving Officer - BBDC - Wandrin' Star Charter

Just want to say thanks again to Simon for organising the trip. It turned out to be one of the best trips i've done for a very long time ,with two very memorable dives. One on the smalls lighthouse reef with over 20 mt vis and another on HMS Whirlwind again with excellent vis 15mt+ as well as other good wrecks and reefs including the Lucy. We had a great skipper who went along way above and beyond the call of duty to get us on the dive sites. If this trip come round again get your name down early.....

Mike - Dive Leader - SVSAC - Wandrin' Star Charter

Hi Mark, Paul and Abbi, I like to take this opportunity on behalf of all who dived with you this weekend, to thank you for the friendly and totally professional service you supplied us with.

PS the Mackerel were delicious, I've attached a picture of them being cooked, some plain, some in a lemon butter with parsley and my favourite in reggae reggae marinade with schezaun seasoning.

I'll be in touch about booking next year ASAP

Nigel - Diving Officer - Salford BSAC - Wandrin' Star Charter


Many many thanks from all of us from Salford BSAC club who dived with you last Thursday / Friday 16/17th July 2009.

Yet again you put yourself out to ensure we had the opportunity to get in four dives despite a lousy forecast and inconvenience to yourself which was very much appreciated.

The diving was very enjoyable and we as ever will highly recommend your set up ! (as long as we can get another diving trip in !)



Clive - Diving Officer - Mid Herts Divers - Wandrin' Star Charter


Thanks very much to both you and Bob for looking after our group last weekend and making us welcome both at the Centre and on board Wandrin' Star. Although the weather was variable, we enjoyed the trip. I was particularly impressed by your approach to safety and life was made more comfortable by your and Bob's use of the throwing rope to reduce any exertion in getting back to the boat.

Hope to see you at the Diving Officer's Conference again this year 

Kim - Diving Officer - Swale Divers - Charter

I would like to make a point of thanking Paul for a wonderful 2 days of diving - we all found him to be very polite, knowledgeable, helpful and nothing too much trouble. We definitely will be diving again with Celtic Diving and next time do some of the deeper wrecks.
Thank you from all concerned at Swale Divers

Ray - PADI MSDT - Abyss Diver Training - Wandrin' Star Charter

Just thought i would drop you a quick line to say what a great weekend we had with you over the Easter bank holiday. I've attached a couple of pics for you. Cheers

Mark - BSAC Sports Diver - Cambridge University Underwater Exploration Group

Hi Mark and Cathy,

Many thanks once again for all the hard work you put into giving us an awesome trip, especially with the logistic hassle of getting us all round to St. Davids and Porth Gain... we all thoroughly enjoyed the diving and your efforts were very much appreciated. Wrecks, mackerel, BBQs and stunning scenery.... you have a very special place down there and it was a pleasure meeting you both..... I can't wait to return.

Attached is the photo you took of us all on Wandrin' Star..... the smiling faces say it all !

Karin - BSAC Diver Leader - Cambridge University Underwater Exploration Group

Hi Mark !

Just to let you know that everybody from the CUUEG crew had an absolutely fabulous weekend with you and the Wandrin Star last week. Everybody enjoyed your company, the sun, the boat, the fishing, eating delicious mackerel and barbequing in the back garden. I'm sure CUUEG will want to make the trip to Pembrokeshire again some time. Hope you have a good season and maybe see you some time soon.

Ian - SAA Advanced Diver, Matlock Divers

Thank you very much for your hospitality & an excellent weekends diving. Particular thanks to Mike who looked after us so well & whose efforts to find us some good viz transformed the diving.

Ocean Devotion Diving - Dartford

Please click here to read their write up and see the photos.

Ian - PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, Scubadoo

To Mark and all the staff,

May I take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of you for a great Weekend Diving (28th - 29th June) It is a shame the weather caused us to miss out on the wrecks, but that, I suppose, is one of the drawbacks to diving in the UK.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and the professional way in which you handled your boat and crew.

It must be very hard work trying to handle the boat by yourself, but you made it look easy. I do hope I didn't get to much in your way whilst trying to help out.

Special thanks are also due to Emma, as she appeared to know exactly what was needed at the right time, (drinks/support etc) especially as I understand it was her first time crewing for you.

I would have absolutely no problem in booking further trips with you, and indeed look forward to seeing you all again

Simon - BSAC Advanced Diver, OWI, Expedition Officer, Hereford Sub Aqua Club

Hi Mark,
Many thanks for a great weekend, although the weather was against us and we weren't able to dive the prime sites, you did a great job in finding us something sheltered and with interesting marine life.
We found the boat very spacious, your whole set up and especially yourself very accommodating. We will definitely be back, and I'm just starting to try and put it together already, but this time we will bring a lot of new divers to give them some hard boat experience and will be looking in the sub 20 metre range.
Also please find attached a copy of the photo of the baby octopus we were lucky enough to find at Needle Point on Sunday.
Once again many thanks, WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!

Cat - BSAC Sports Diver - Aberystwyth University Sub Aqua Club

"Hi Mark, just a quick note to say thank you very much for having the club down the other week, everyone really enjoyed themselves and are very happy to have got qualified. We hope to visit again as soon as we can."

John Liddiard, Photo Journalist, Diver Magazine - Dive charter.

"The Carnegie is a wreck to rival the best of anything in the English Channel, yet hardly anyone dives it."

Iolo Williams, BBC TV wildlife presenter - PADI diver training and dive charter.

"I now realise that I have been walking around with one of my eyes closed, having ignored the underwater environment for so long. Diving off the Pembrokeshire coast was a fantastic experience and the variety of wildlife was absolutely incredible !"

David, London - Dive Charter

"Thank you very much for a great weekend. I was very impressed with the organisation and situation - in particular, the on-site accommodation makes things a lot simpler. I enjoyed all the dives, and the BBQ was a great idea. All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend (for us anyway !)

I hope that the business continues to grow (I shall spread the word) because you deserve to do well."

Simon, Hampshire - Dive Charter

Dear Editor (Dive Magazine)

Anyone considering diving in West Wales should look no further than Fishguard.  Having just returned from an excellent weekend’s diving there I would recommend readers contact Mark Deane at Celtic Diving (celticdiving.co.uk).  Mark is establishing a very professional dive business there in area where setting up any business is a challenge at the best of times!  His new premises are excellent and he has plans to develop them even more.  We managed a couple of dives each day including some stunning canyons about 10 minutes boat drive away.  There were seals and we even sighted dolphins!  If you enjoy drift diving, then the reef around Dinas Head is smothered in dead mans fingers, sponges and other soft corals while huge crabs, lobsters and dogfish abound – quite spectacular!!  As it’s early in the season we dived in the 20mtr range and stayed quite local but Mark has plenty of sites and some spectacular wrecks further out.  Celtic diving has good accommodation for 20 people and the hospitality in the local pubs is excellent.  Give it a go – You don’t know what you’re missing and you’ll be supporting British diving business as well!

Rowland and Michelle, Hants - Diving weekend

"Thank you for a superb weekend and in particular your warm hospitality that made us feel welcome. We both came back home with fond memories of Pembrokeshire (our first visit !) and hope to book some more time with you this summer."

Tony, Pembs - Boat trip for Tchernobyl Childrens' Link

"Can I take the opportunity to thank you so much for taking us out last week. The sight of a pod of dolphins was unforgettable and figured prominently in the children's conversations with their parents when they rang up the following day. It was well worth getting soaked for ! The word they use for them is "jellyfin" which is the correct Belarussian word for dolphin and ever since they arrived any movement out at sea has been accompanied by shouts of "jellyfin?" Of course it was always a speedboat but you see they were primed to look out for dolphins so to have seen them so close was amazing !"

Paul - DO - Bay Divers - Wandrin' Star Charter

May i on behalf of Bay Divers thank you for a great days diving Saturday .
We are not a very experienced club at the moment and your enthusiasm and knowledge was invaluable to us.
We know the conditions were,nt in our favour with a strong wind trying to spoil the day but nevertheless you came up Trumps.
Love the Music and love the Boat.
We will return again soon and we will reccomend the Wandrin Star to anyone who we come in contact with..

Thanks again


CELTIC DIVING - WANDRIN' STAR DIVE CHARTERS, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK - Hard Boat Charter.