Celtic Diving Base
Goodwick Parrog,
West Wales
SA64 0DE
Tel: 01348 871938
Mob: 07816 640684
Celtic Diving





We run a Discover Snorkeling course and are able to arrange snorkel trips for beginners and accomplished breath hold divers alike.

For current availability please check our schedules page.

Snorkel Then get out there and just make like a seal !

There are caves, arches, kelp forests, gullies, remote beaches, exciting rock formations and shipwrecks to explore from the shore or boat. Get up close and personal with the inhabitants, swim with the seals and fish ! Great fun for all ages and abilities.

The course starts with a short briefing at the Dive Base then we get you sized for gear and pack the Landrover. Next we set off to the harbour where the dive boat will either be moored or launched from; could be Solva, Abercastle or Goodwick. Get out to see the spectacular coastline and meet some of its inhabitants. Have breath hold dive demonstrations and practice with coaching.

Break for a light lunch and relax.

Then full on snorkeling ! We will take you to a number of different locations, depending on conditions. Swim through the kelp forests, caves and gullies to see what we can find - we could be surrounded by playful seals trying to grab our fins or you may be able to reach one of the shallower shipwrecks we can take you to and get a glimpse of history !

A boat ride back to the harbour and you should be pleasantly flushed from all the excitement.

To confirm bookings we accept credit cards over the phone (Opening Times); and cheques through the post; usually at least four weeks in advance of any course or activity. By making any payments clients consent to have read and agree with our Terms & Conditions.

For booking outside our published schedules and for any other queries please use our Contact/Enquiry form, alternatively the numbers or email below:

Tel: 01348 871938

Mob: 07816 640684

Discover Snorkeling

Coaching in free diving skills from the the boat with plenty of time for practice: full day equipment included.

per person.

Snorkeling Trips (with own equipment)

There is a boat fee of £ 39.-
for a full day
per person


New MARES mask, fins & snorkels >>>>>>


Coltri Sub pack